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Welcome To Clean Energy Retrofit Inc. DBA Uplift Remodeling

Founded in the summer of 1994. In business for more than 23 years, and with zero complaints. Clean Energy Retrofit Inc, also doing business as Uplift Remodeling, served countless numbers of satisfied and happy homeowners. We are on a mission to make the world a better place, and put our focus on clean energy retrofitting. From solar systems, to energy efficient heating and cooling systems, to energy efficient roofing, attic insulation,  energy star windows and doors, and much more. Our experts are here to help you reduce your home carbon emission footprint on the planet, and save you money on your energy bill, while substantially improving the comfort of your home. Through our special financing programs we offer, special tax incentives, easy and affordable financing, with no upfront costs, and no payment for up to 17 months. It’s not you, but your home, that needs to be qualified for these amazing opportunities. To reduce air pollution, and mitigate climate change, we offer a limited time special. 20% off, for all your energy efficient home improvement and retrofitting needs. Get a FREE in home energy efficiency consultation, and let us qualify your home today. Now, you too can make your home more energy efficient, save money, breath cleaner air, and go green. Please contact us today to learn more. 1(855) 2UP-LIFT

What We Advocate?

We are committed to mitigating climate change, and air pollution, by utilizing government-backed financing programs, that will lift the financial burden, off clean energy retrofitting, from homeowners.
Saving the planet by helping homeowners reduce their house carbon emissions footprint, and increase their level of comfort in their homes by introducing opportunities that are available for a limited time.
We provide the highest standards in clean energy products and installation. With $0 in upfront costs and no payment for up to two years.  Let’s hope your home qualifies.
Air pollution is not a joke, more important is the quality of the air we breath in our homes. Which is why Clean Energy Retrofit Inc, is on a mission to help homeowners breath, a cleaner, and fresher air in their homes. Most homes are made of materials that are now known to be toxic, like Asbestos and Lead paint. Contact us now for a FREE in house consultation.

What We Do?

Windows & Doors 100
Roofing 100
Solar Systems 100
AC and Heathing 100
Cool Wall & Paint 100