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Energy Efficient Retrofitting and Remodeling

Clean Energy Retrofit Inc DBA Uplift Remodeling, is committed to providing an uplifting experience throughout the whole interaction and communication with our company. We are here so your vision of your home will be manifested. Our goal is clear, to make our home a lot more efficient, while the indoor quality of living, and the comfort of your home, sky rockets. Call now for a completely FREE consultation. (855) 2UP-LIFT


Replacing to energy efficient windows is a very smart choice when it comes to energy efficiency.

and Doors

You wonder why is that? It’s because that energy efficient windows not only insulate, but they also reflect back to the atmosphere the sun rays.


COOL ROOF with reflective technology. You don't have to use the AC with this powerful insulation.

The Ultimate Insulation

Want to feel cool in your home even without an AC on? Cool-Roof. That is the answer. Contact us today for a FREE in house consultation.


Experience the difference of energy efficient HVACIt

Heating and Air Conditioning

We are a lucky generation that we have available to us billions worth in research and development, an HVAC units that are working and cooling like never before without getting our electric bill out of control.


$0 down, 30% tax credit and no payment for two years.

Going with the Solar option

The longer you wait, the more money you lose. It is inevitable, humanity is going solar. We don’t need to destroy the planet any longer for energy. Get your own solar energy plant right on top of your roof.

Artificial turf

Zero maintance and powerfull beauty.

Save water and save the planet

Artificial turf is one of those things that make you not worry about your gardening, saves you money and saves tons of water.

$0 Down

If Your Home Qualify

No Payment for Two Years

Don’t worry about the money. We will take care of it for you. We offer easy to qualify and very affordable financing that doesn’t live on your credit report.

What else we do?

We stand behind our name. Clean Energy Retrofit Inc DBA Uplift Remodeling and promise to provide you with the highest standard energy efficiency products, and very easy and affordable financing. Free In Person Consultation with a Senior Energy Expert.